Is having Free phone service a good idea?

People are skeptical and very closed minded to this idea. They are used to paying their phone bill every month so the idea of having it free every month doesn’t compute in their minds.

People will think well whats the catch? The catch is that you have to earn that free service. By reffering people to the Company. You get paid $5 everytime you refer someone to switch to the phone service.

But going back to people being skeptical and closed minded, if they hear or see a adverstisement about free phone service more often then not they will think in there minds thats not possible. But it never hurts to look into something. What is the best way to learn about a particular product or service? Talk/chat with the people who currently use the service. It never hurts to ask.

For those who dont ask and dont look into and just brush it off as something that doesn’t exist or too good to be true. Ultimately they lose because they will be paying $30 to $100 or more every month for their phone service. I estimate that the average phone bill for cell phones are probably $60, which comes out to $720 a year. On the other hand you make the switch, port your number, refer 12 people and now you have free phone service for as long as your with the Company. You save $720 a year which can be a brand new tv, a brand new Computer, go towards a new investment, get a new patio furniture set…. well you get the idea…

The bottom line is dont judge or assume anything without looking into it first because what if, just what if it is real…the only person who loses in the end is you.

So is having free phone service a good idea? YES! Nothing beats free! Thats one less bill coming in every month. Think about it.


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