How to fix the Chicago Bulls



I watched the Chicago Bulls play the Golden State Warriors.   The Chicago Bulls defense was pretty good during the first half and some of the third quarter.   They contested the shots but the Warriors made them.   Later in the third and most of the fourth the Bulls started giving the Warriors open looks beyond the arch.   Then on the other end of the floor,  the Bulls stood around and watched Butler dribble the ball and the run precious seconds off the shot clock down with it.

The Warriors are known for shooting the three ball.  So the focus on defense should have been to run them off the three point line, NO double team.   Curry is so good of a shooter if hes open for three its like a lay up, so pick your poison, give up three points or two?     So no matter what stay up on Curry and make him put in on the floor, yes he can dribble, fairly quick and can finish well but its easier to contest his lay up near the rim then it is to contest his three point shot whose release is superbly quick.

Pau Gasol


On Offense there needs to be more movement WITHOUT the ball.  The ball movement is decent.   Gasol also needs to post up near the rim just outside the paint and be aggressive downlow.  He is the best post up player the Bulls have ever had, they need to take advantage of that.   Spread the floor and give hims space to work in the post.    He’s a great passer for a big man, all four others on the court need to move without the ball and get open.  Make themselves available so its a easy pass for a catch and shoot.

The Bulls should watch how the Atlanta Hawks operate on offense.  Theirs lots of movement with and without the ball.  Their so unself and play off each other that they can get high percentage shots time and time again.

    scottie pippen

    Mcdermott can be a solid contributor, I suggest that the Bulls have Scottie Pippen coach him Snell and Dunleavy on how to defend. If Scottie Pippen is up to it, there isn’t that many out there more qualified to teach these Bulls how to be a top notch defender as Scottie was one of the best ever.

Boxing out after every shot should always be a team effort.  Everyone should be boxing out his man.

Fred Hoiberg needs to know his opponents.  As much as possible he needs to put in players according to match ups.  Gasol needs to guard the slowest opposing big man.

Lastly,  the Chicago Bulls management should bring back Tom Thibodeau as assistant to focus on defense.  Let Fred run everything else.  Lets not forget the kind of success the Celtics had with Tom as assistant….


Isaac Nitta

Honolulu, HI






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