Tough questions for all TRUE Christians

   no goood



Why is it that human souls are tortured and tormented by demons?  Didn’t the demons commit the biggest crime against God?   Angels are automatically in heaven, humans have to earn their right to be in heaven.

Lucifer and 1/4 of the angels in heaven rebelled against God, Lucifer let pride get the best of him and rebelled against God IN HEAVEN!   When in heaven your surrounded by love.  God is love.  Yet in that environment Lucifer and his followers REBELLED and was cast out of heaven. Is this not the ultimate sin?  To actually rebel and attack God’s domain.  Is this not a bigger sin then murder, rape, lies, homosexuality or any sin a human could possibly do?

Yet the demons get to torment and punish human souls for all eternity and get joy out of it?  Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around and the human souls torture and torment the demons?   Human life is but a blink of an eye compared to angels, demons, satan and God.

What is 100 years to eternity?  Worst yet there is children in hell!  What is 10 years, 11 years to eternity?  NOTHING!  No comparison!  So a child is on this earth for a blink of an eye and because of a small sin committed in that short amount of time is subject to eternal torment and condemnation?   Is this God’s mercy?

According to near death experiences, A.K.A NDE’s Jesus denies and turns his back on the souls in hell who reach out and cry out to him for mercy.  Jesus tells them it is late.   It is late? How can it be late in eternity?!  Did not God create all that there is?  Should he not be able to do all things?  Why can God not show mercy upon souls in hell?  If he created these souls surely  he can destroy them.  Or better yet give them another chance or move them else where.

Mathew 25:41 “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels”     So from this scripture hell was made for Satan and his demons.   If this was the case then why are the odds stacked against us?

Why did God establish mankind on earth where Satan and his demons already resided?   Why is the gate to destruction wide and the path to eternal life narrow?  God created the gate to destruction to be wide because he expected many human souls to enter it as it says in the scripture many will enter it.  The Bible was written how many years ago?  So from the time the bible was written, God knew that many would enter the gate that leads to eternal destruction hence he made the gate to destruction WIDE.     Why does God allow demons to torment humans still alive, even children, to tempt people, to scare people, to possess people.

Why doesn’t God reveal himself to the masses so undeniable that people have no way to deny that he is real, would this not help more people to believe and change their ways?   God is omnipotent Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!” (Revelation 19:6)    So since God is omnipotent, he can appear to human souls on the brink of death and give them the chance to repent, if God himself or Jesus were to reveal himself to people on their death bed urging them to repent or face eternal damnation wouldn’t more souls be saved?

What stops God all mighty from going into hell and setting all human souls free?  Would Satan be able to stop God almighty from setting the captives free?

I ponder these things and shake my head for I feel that God’s judgement is not fair.   For all praying warriors and all those that walk with the Lord and even prophets please help me to understand these things.







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