Happy Birthday!

ScreenHunter 15


Every year that passes we hear it again.   From the time of being a baby crawling around in diapears.   Through our teenage years and all thru our adult life, we hear it every year.  Happy Birthday!  At least…most people do, there are some unfortunate people who never get to hear it, but most of us have family and friends that care about us.   In that case, I suppose you could tell yourself Happy Birthday!   Of course…it just wouldn’t be the same.

No matter what though, birthdays are a important time of year for every individual, as it is the day they were brought into this world.   The day their bellies were severed from their mothers.  The day you first opened your eyes to the reality of this world.

Birthdays are usually considered to be YOUR special day.  The day you are King or Queen of your world and to all thats there for you.

That being said, if your reading this, this probably is your special day and I would like to wish you…a….  Happy Birthday to you!









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