How I lost weight and had more energy just by drinking.

Without changing any eating habits or adding new work out regiments I have lost weight, kept it off, full of natural energy and look younger.   Working in the blue collar Industry having energy and being able to move fast is very important so losing weight, staying in shape helps alot!   When I look in the mirror i look 10 years younger.   I think its a combination of weight loss and the anti aging ingrediants in the product im taking.   This is no exaggeration, true testimony I swear on my mothers grave (my mom passed in 2000)

Prior to taking the products, I would feel very sleepy on the long drives back home from work.   Here in  Hawaii theres alot of traffic, to much people on such ah small island but thats another topic.    So when your in bumper to bumper traffic and struggling to stay awake added with the hot sun it can be rather dangerous, dosen’t take much to just slip into sleep and end up in the rear end of the car in front of you.

But now after taking product for a month, I am able to stay awake and alert in long drives back home in traffic easily. I loss about 8 lbs. with eating cookies, donuts, cake and eating late at night before going to sleep and little to no exercise aside from sex and work.

What is the product  you ask?  It’s Zeal! From Zurvita, heres a one min. video about the product    A all in one natural nutrional drink with whole food concentrates that gives a excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.


  • Boost your energy*
  • Optimize your health*
  • Slow your aging process*
  • Enrich, restore and protect your body*
  • Maintain a healthy weight

So if you know anyone that is always tired and or wants/needs to lose weight effortlessy you now have a product that can help them right here:

I can honestly say its the fastest easiest way to lose weight, like I said I loss weight dispite eating junk food and late night eating.

The Product is a shake and comes in powder form, just add water or juice shake and drink thats it.  I drink it in the morning and Im set for the rest of the day, full of energy and alert.  No more sleepy, tired and serious lack of energy days for me thanks to Zurvita!


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A renewed ZEAL for life!

I have been constantly fatigued throughout my recent years.  Just always feeling sleeping and not well rested which affects my ability to think and remember things and ultimately learn things.  Also affects my focus my mind wonders alot.

Case and point I can be on the internet and trying to do some work but then I open up 6 or 7 other tabs doing other things at the checking facebook in tab, reply to a message, writing a email in another tab, posting on craiglist on another tab, watching or listening to a video on another tab.   ADD?  Maybe but doubt as my mother never smoked nor drank alcohol.

Recently I was invited by my friend to try out for a new job/business opportunity.  They paid hourly plus commisions and if you get involved in the Business you make even more.   Sounded like a win win situation.

The owners name is Andrea, I got interviewed and was immediately hired and began training.  Later on I was invited to the kitchen (we operate at her house, a mansion in Kahala)  I was made a shake.   Now mind you Ive been a construction painter for quite sometime now and this was after work so I was a bit tired and sleepy as usual.   When I drank the shake…it was like new life was breathed into me, I felt rejuvenated!   Full of energy!  I felt like I could run several miles, bursting with energy like I used in highschool!

The shakes were zeal products (

) there was vanilla, chocolate and raspberry.   It tasted great! And I just didn’t want to stop drinking it!

I’ve been hooked and now I just got my own zeal products, so I will keep you all posted on what kind of results I get with these great tasting, natural products!

Thanks  for reading!

If I were the coach of the Chicago Bulls….they’d be playing the Hawks right now in ECF Finals

Basketball is a very simple game… sometiBulls winmes people make it HARDER then it should be…example: The Chicago Bulls.

Always been my team growing up watching Chicago Bulls lead by Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  One of the greatest teams of all time.

Fast forward to the playoffs of 2015 and Chicago Bulls are on vacation watching from home.  By the far the best team the Bulls have assembled since the dismantling of the fabled Jordan era.   The talent was there to go all the way shot blockers, rebounders, post game, outside shooting, mid range shooting, perimeter defenders, slashers, play makers, great passing big men.

What was lacking however…was execution.   Poor decision making, bad minute distribution, poor floor spacing, lack of player AND ball movement, lack of actual offensive plays.

If I were coach of the Bulls the game plan would be to let Snell and Butler be the primary defenders on Lebron, no double teaming unless a big can come over to help without giving up a easy layup.  Shut down the shooters, no space for them to breathe at all times and box out Triston Thompson.   Kyrie was limping so whoever Kyrie was guarding Rose or Brooks have them ATTACK Kyrie and make Kyrie chase them all over the court with and without the ball even encourage some crossovers here and there to put his feet and ankles to the test once and a while wear him down.

Lebron will get his points but just make him work on both ends of the floor.   Whoever Lebron is guarding needs to run all over the court and expend energy chasing thru screens on defense and then when he has the ball just do your best to keep your body between him and the basket and contest everything you can with minimal double teams.

While Gasol was able to play, space the floor well with shooters Noah top of the key and have Gasol post up and close to the basket as he possibly canTHEN get the ball to him, if he is doubled it is the man whose opens job to make himself available to were Gasol can see him and make the pass while everyone maintains proper spacing for easy passes while the defense may try to recover.

jimmyMost times Rose should just be Isolated and let him create off the dribble no screen needed especially against a hobbled Kyrie.   Give him the green light to attack unless the laned is closed make the smart decision to kick it out to the open man.  Rose can take his man off dribble finish and or make a play for his teammates and all his teammates have to do is get themselves in position to score.  Isolating Rose DOES NOT mean everyone stand and watch.  For example dunleavy can be in corner waiting for a kick out pass for a three but Noah roaming 10 to 12 feet from the basket outside the paint can come out set a pick for Dunleavy  and Dunleavy and run past the pick to the opposite corner for a simple catch and shoot. is simple why make it hard?

So many things the Bulls could do to generate high percentage shots instead of Rose pulling up for a contested three 2 feet beyond the arch or Rose dribbling the ball and everyone watching.  Just sad.

Triston Thompson should have been bodied and boxed out at all times to keep him off the glass as well as the their center.  Keep the center as far away from the basket as possible.   No space for the shooters to breathe and contest all their shots and the Bulls would have crushed this Cavs team.

The other concern I had was the minute distribution.  Why would anyone keep starters in the game when their team is up by 30 points in the fourth quarter with less then 10 minutes left?   This Bulls team was deep.  I’d have utilized every player as much as i could to keep players fresh, build stronger chemistry, and gain experience.   For example: whenever James Jones or Miller came on the floor I’d give Mcdermott the nod and tell him, stay on them, no space to shoot and contest everything.   Get yourself open, move without the ball catch and shoot, thats your job.

My final thought….all the Bulls teams Thibodeau coached played great defense, premeter and interior and moved with and without the ball and it was fun to watch.  Now the Bulls have a complete team and all that is gone.  Why?

Fight for your Freedom

Angela Moore and Jordan Shultz have created a system creating results for the average Joe.  People have never made a cent online are joining and getting results.  I myself have gotten 18 leads and a sign up within 3 days of signing up with no effort on my part.  It may not be so impressive but the fact that I didn’t much of anything but put in some information and pushed a few buttons.   Anyone can do it.  Results are varying from 1 to 15 sign ups within a span of 5 to 7 days.  They also guarantee you will make money using this ulta simple system or pay you $150!  That’s how much they believe that this system will work they are putting their money where their mouth is.

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Once your signed up its 5 simple steps and your on your way to making money online.  They break everything down for you step by step and they’ve taken all complicated stuff of internet marketing away so all you have to do put your information in and push some buttons.  Angela and Jordan created this system so that the average Joe can succeed regardless of what internet marketing experience you have or don’t have. 

They have started a revolution of changing lives.  What will you do?  Will you watch it pass you by? Or will you jump in change lives including yours?!

Is having Free phone service a good idea?

People are skeptical and very closed minded to this idea. They are used to paying their phone bill every month so the idea of having it free every month doesn’t compute in their minds.

People will think well whats the catch? The catch is that you have to earn that free service. By reffering people to the Company. You get paid $5 everytime you refer someone to switch to the phone service.

But going back to people being skeptical and closed minded, if they hear or see a adverstisement about free phone service more often then not they will think in there minds thats not possible. But it never hurts to look into something. What is the best way to learn about a particular product or service? Talk/chat with the people who currently use the service. It never hurts to ask.

For those who dont ask and dont look into and just brush it off as something that doesn’t exist or too good to be true. Ultimately they lose because they will be paying $30 to $100 or more every month for their phone service. I estimate that the average phone bill for cell phones are probably $60, which comes out to $720 a year. On the other hand you make the switch, port your number, refer 12 people and now you have free phone service for as long as your with the Company. You save $720 a year which can be a brand new tv, a brand new Computer, go towards a new investment, get a new patio furniture set…. well you get the idea…

The bottom line is dont judge or assume anything without looking into it first because what if, just what if it is real…the only person who loses in the end is you.

So is having free phone service a good idea? YES! Nothing beats free! Thats one less bill coming in every month. Think about it.